jonayam: Can u explain the relationship between a Scorpio female and an Aries male thanks

Steamy, but not built to last. Both are ruled by Mars, the planet of war, passion, aggression, sex. Both have terrible tempers, and the Aries male will become irritated by Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy, and Scorpio is taken aback, possibly even turned off, by Mr. Ram’s fiery temper and dominant personality. They soon find that lust looks a lot like love, but it’s just not. All in all: in any male/female love mixture of Scorpio and Aries, they are better as friends :)


I really love talking with a Gemini. Yes, you’re ruled by Mercury. But it’s not just that you are a good communicator. Your mind is a maze, with twists, turns, and secret gardens left undiscovered by most. Your unique blend of childlike enthusiasm and elderly wisdom is an incredible sight to behold. Watching the light dance inside your eyes when you speak, and seeing your mind racing and sorting through the brilliance within, you sparkle and steal hearts by being exactly who you are. People are helplessly drawn to you, even if they find you strange. Your mental prowess, adaptability, optimism, intellectual and spiritual vigor is worthy of envy and awe. Geminis get a bad wrap for being “bipolar” and/or having “multiple personalities”, when really, us earthlings are just quick to categorize what we don’t understand or can’t grasp. The ever-elusive and magnetic personality of a Gemini baffles everyone in their path, yet you don’t seem to mind, and with the grace of a soul that’s traveled a thousand lives, you spin and dance your way through the fires of life, always looking at the “up side” of every new situation. We need you, Gemini. We need you to remind us that being a child at heart and a sage in spirit is what makes you beautiful.


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amysticadventure: Hello! Has anyone asked for the best matches for a pisces female? I tried searching the "compatibility" tag but I'm far too impatient xD

Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo

let-the-body-hit-the-floor: What's the best match for a female cancer?

Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, PIsces, Scorpio

I will soon be doing videos on opposite signs, otherwise known as “sister signs” and why they are so attracted to each other, the pros, the cons, and the differences and similarities between the two.

Aries & Libra♎

 ♐Sagittarius & Gemini♊

♉Taurus & Scorpio♏ 

♑ Capricorn & Cancer♋

♍ Virgo & Pisces♓

♒Aquarius & Leo♌

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Hello, everyone! Just a quick announcement…

I love so much when any of you take the time to reply to my posts, and I love to message you to start a dialogue about what you said (if you’d like that), but some of you have your pages set to where there is no ask link, making it very difficult or impossible to talk to you directly. So please, if you reply to my posts and are open to me replying to your reply (haha), please enable your ask box, as I pay attention to what everyone says to me!

Much love :)


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Virgos may be perfectionists, but just check their bedroom: it’s usually a complete wreck, but they probably know where everything is anyway ;) 

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Am I the only Aries female that is slowly starting to realize that maybe there just isn’t a sign that is the right fit for me romantically?

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Scorpio men have the largest sexual appetite of anyone you know, so if you want to date one, check your libido 

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