This is even worse than Mercury Retrograde. In case you are unaware, when Venus is Retrograde (especially in Capricorn), it makes all things associated with Venus (love, beauty, aesthetics) more difficult. So this time period would be a bad time to start a new relationship, try a new hairdo or change up your wardrobe. It will negatively affect relationships and expression of affection most of all. Old lovers may come back into your life, old or new lovers could come and make your current relationship/love life complicated, all to help you re-assess who and what you value.

So, basically, it’s totally shit and if your love life is bleak, it will probably get rained on a little harder, and this transition will probably be depressing as fk and will wreak havoc on your love life.



chardavisuals: I'm an aries :), and Im dealing with a gemini who can't keep his penis in his pants (sigh) he's a real great person but when were both not around he tends to find someone for the time being. any advice? 

Don’t walk, run away from this guy. It’s obvious that he’s fickle as hell and willing to take what he can get, not being content with one person. I’d walk away from that catastrophe waiting to happen.

0chasing-dreams0: What is Capricorn(women) and Virgo(male) relationship like? 

Usually very balanced, and the bond will be deep and long-lasting. There may be a sense of competition or one-upping each other, but there will be a foundation of intimacy built upon true friendship.