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Virgos may be perfectionists, but just check their bedroom: it’s usually a complete wreck, but they probably know where everything is anyway ;) 

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Am I the only Aries female that is slowly starting to realize that maybe there just isn’t a sign that is the right fit for me romantically?

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Scorpio men have the largest sexual appetite of anyone you know, so if you want to date one, check your libido 

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VOTE: Should I start making astrology videos on here?

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Today was my 2nd day at my first job as a massage therpist a spa (what I went to college to do!) and already, I’ve had 2 clients rebook with me and I got $65 in tips!!! As an Aries with a Libra Rising, I’m also very happy to report that…


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I would call this one of my most important and informative posts yet! Please read on…

I thought of something that will expose an area of astrology that not many people know or talk about: how different and significant sign placements in your chart blend together to create the way you look (along with DNA, of course). I’ll explain how my mixture of placements gives me my overall appearance, and if any of you have the same placements as me, I can help you better see these attributes in yourself!

I find it very fascinating how your Rising, Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars sign placements greatly shape the way you look physically, not just how you behave mentally and/or emotionally. For example, here is me:


Libra Rising (Ascendant)…gives a soft, approachable look to my face. It also gives me a bit of a “Libra-like glow”, a friendly disposition, proportionate features and a passive-aggressive, shy nature, nervous internal energy, yet I appear graceful and relaxed to others when they initially encounter me. There is emphasis on “soft-sitting” eyes on those with Libra Rising (perfect example: Britney Spears). Britney has Libra Rising. Notice how she has soft eyes and an approachable personality, balanced body/face proportions and a graceful aura? And let’s face it: she’s kind of passive-aggressive and shy in interviews.*SN: Libra Risings struggle to find balance in romantic relationships all their lives and tend to attract partners who don’t fully appreciate them…which makes Britney even more of a perfect example* :( We love you Britney! Jennifer Aniston is another great example of a Libra Rising. As you will find out if you read on, Jennifer and I have quite a few of the same placements!

Sun in Aries…gives me a somewhat “challenging” stare, a healthy, fit build, with very obvious masculine energy, “ram-horn” shaped, strong eyebrows, and typically wavy hair. (examples: Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightly, Emma Watson, Mandy Moore, Robert Downey Jr, Heath Ledger, James Franco, Mariah Carey, Leighton Meester, Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Julia Stiles, Brooklyn Decker, Lindy Booth, Fergie, Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr…so many good examples!)

Moon in Sagittarius…deals mostly with emotional expression (and this particular placement gives one luck, limitless optimism, along with incredible resilience to setbacks!), but also adds on to certain physical features, making the forehead and shoulders more broad, giving average to tall height, good posture, with a healthy build, an attractive smile, and long, shapely legs. I have a broad forehead, broad shoulders, I’m 5 ft 7, nice smile, healthy, fit build, good posture, and long, shapely legs.*SN: Notice how the celebrities I’m about to list have all been exceptionally lucky and have received much recognition in their careers* (examples: Lana del Rey, (again) Emma Watson, (again) Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Duff, Adele, Albert Einstein, Justin Timberlake, Mozart, Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Beethoven, Michael Jordan, Stephen King, Donald Trump, and both the singer, Chester Bennington, and the rapper, Mike Shinoda, from Linkin Park!)

Venus in Aries…gives me a certain innocent allure, a quiet independence and a fiery aura/energy that can be magnetic to others. The eyes will be flirtatious and challenging on these individuals, making others want to penetrate (pun?) and capture them.*SN: These people may have a hard time maintaining healthy relationships, because they get bored easily and pick fights, and tend to have many heartbreaks, unless they have strong Earth energy otherwise in their natal chart* (examples: (again) Jennifer Aniston ;), (again) Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, (again) Mariah Carey, Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney, (again) Robert Downey Jr, Christina Ricci, Shakira)

Mars in Cancer…gives a more “baby-faced”, baby deer, doe-eyed, “be gentle with me because I’m secretly sensitive” appearance to my face. If someone has this placement, pay attention to them. They have a nervous energy, even if they are graceful, and have a hard time hiding their feelings. Even if they’re outgoing and seem strong, their easy vulnerability to be hurt and offended by the words of others comes across in their face.*SN: If they are musicians/singers, they openly sing/write about their personal experiences as an outlet for their intense emotions, because they have a deep need to express their emotions, and have a hard time doing so through just speaking, and when coping with heartbreak, they tend to act out in bizarre ways* (examples: Miley Cyrus, Alanis Morissette, Halle Berry, Richard Gere, Ashton Kutcher, P!nk, Cyndi Lauper, John Mayer, Keanu Reeves, (again) Reese Witherspoon, (again) Audrey Hepburn, Chad Michael Murray, Chris Brown, Penelope Cruz, Dolly Parton, (again) Chester Bennington *singer (not the rapper) from Linkin Park*)

I strongly encourage you, if you’re interested, to look up any above listed celebrity (photos and/or interviews), and just see if they match my description of them…you will be amazed!! Thanks for reading :)

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Why….why do some Aries dates Cancers?

5 things always happen:

  • They fight constantly
  • Somebody will cheat
  • It ends badly after several “break ups and make ups”
  • The Aries feels smothered by the Cancer
  • They easily offend each other

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Libras find themselves walking the fine line between wanting to please everyone and just wanting to be away from everything all at once 

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