Sagittarius people are so energetic and restless. Y’all need to find your chill.

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FRET NOT! Mercury will be going direct a week from now, and we can all temporarily regain our sanity :)

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reversedsunshine: Hello!! C: I am a Gemini.. (June 12, 1994) and I am really interested in getting into the astrology thing.. I just don't know where to start.. Or what any of it really means.. Any advice?

There is this INCREDIBLE, cutting-edge technological tool called Google (AKA and if you google “astrology” you may get some answers

Like seriously could you guys stop fucking asking me about compatibility because honestly have you never heard of GOOGLE (AS IN THE SEARCH ENGINE????) oh my GoD

jonayam: What sign would Jessica rabbit be?


stupidfckface: So... I'm a twin and my brother and I were born on March 21st meaning that we're Pisces-Aries cusps. Can you tell me how male and females differ?

Cusp sign women are difficult, but men are worse.

Forget all the regrets that are bound to follow…
- Sagittarius

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Aquarius men are weird but I really like them as friends. The issue is they always wanna be more than friends :(

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gilmanda: Is there a particular reason why female taurus and male scorpio relationships are so feverishly passionate, to me it resembles ride or die relationship. The possessiveness and jealousy seems to be what keeps this couple together. Could you suggest why? Btw nice astrology blog

It could go either way in the extreme sense. Though they are usually a passionate match, they tend to crash and burn in the end because the intensity is often unbalanced between such strong-willed and fixed signs. 

"Just because it’s passionate, doesn’t mean that it’s right."


Mercury is going Retrograde on October 4th, and I am not prepared

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